Crop Management

Consulting related to horticultural crop management and marketing strategies.

Citrus crop management for MFC growers in Australia and marketing strategies in Europe since 2000.

Mildura Fruit Company (MFC) is Australia's largest citrus packer and exporter, and is strongly supported by committed producers of quality citrus and a well established, worldwide customer base.

Collaboration with Citrus Australia developing production and marketing strategies.

Citrus Australia is the top industry body for Australian citrus growers. It is supported by 2000 growers and affiliate members and, together with its expanding team, provides vital services to the industry.

Collaboration with the Murray Valley Citrus Marketing Board (MVCMB) in developing production strategies particularly in fruit fly control.

The MVCB is dedicated to providing a wide range of information and services to the citrus industry, particularly to citrus growers, packers and marketers in the Murray Valley region of NSW and Victoria.

Aznar Agro

Nova provides a Citrus crop management for Aznar Agro Farms in Spain since 2004.

Aznar Agro owns and manages 120 has of citrus, mainly clementines, in the north of Castellón.

Ganges Fruit Co. LTD.

Development of the strategic citrus planning for Ganges Fruit in Chongqing, China, in 2005.

Ganges Citrus has developed a project of 8,000 has of citrus with the corresponding nursery, as well as packing and marketing operations.

Citricola del yaqui

Development the strategic planning and crop management support for producers in Sonora, Mexico, since 2005.

Citricola del Yaqui located in the Yaqui Valley in Sonora, is comprised of 40 growers and 350 has of citrus production for export to the US and other markets.